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2014 IC Industry Development Review and Outlook
Time:2015年08月25日    Source: Shenzhen Qiandai Electronic Material Co.,LTD.

2014 IC Industry Development Review and Outlook
2014, at the national intensive introduction of a series of policy environment, strong demand in the domestic market, driven by China's IC industry as a whole to maintain steady and rapid growth, began to usher in accelerated phase of development. With the industry to increase investment, technological breakthroughs and accumulation of scale in the foreseeable future, the integrated circuit industry will become self-control to support the information industry's core strength, become an important foundation to promote two of the depth of integration.
First, the operation

(A) sales to maintain steady growth

2014, China's main production line focus on IC enterprises average capacity utilization exceeds 90%, orders full, annual sales stable condition. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the annual total production of integrated circuits 101.55 billion, an increase of 12.4%, an increase of 7.1 percentage points higher than last year; the IC industry sales value of 291.5 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7%, higher than last year 0.1 percentage points.

Figure 12008--2014, China's IC industry growth
(B) import and export downturn

According to customs statistics, in 2014, China's IC industry export 60.9 billion US dollars, down 30.6 percent; the annual trend, exports fell gradually narrowed, showed a gradual upward trend. Realization imports $ 217.6 billion, down 5.9%. Trade deficit of $ 156.7 billion, an increase of 9 percent, the growth rate increased 5.5 percentage points higher than last year.

Figure 2 2014 China's IC exports
(Iii) increase the domestic market share

2014, domestic output value of China's IC industry has completed 101.1 billion yuan, an increase of 9.9%, higher than the industry growth rate of 1.2 percent, domestic sales ratio reached 34.7 percent, 0.4 percentage points higher than last year. For the full year trend, the domestic output growth declining trend, the annual growth rate of 5.9 percentage points lower than in the first half.

3 2014 IC industry growth of domestic output
A substantial increase (d) new fixed assets

2014, China's IC industry completed investment in fixed assets 64.4 billion yuan, an increase of 11.4%, growth rate down 56.6 percentage points over the previous year (68%). IC industry total new fixed assets of 55.4 billion yuan, an increase of 103.4%, higher than the electronic information industry 84.7 percent; number of new projects 144, an increase of 0.7%, 1.8% of the total number of new projects in industry ʱ??

Figure 42008--2014, China's fixed asset investment growth of integrated circuits
(V) continued to improve economic returns

2014, sales revenue of China's IC industry 267.2 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2 percent, 3.6 percentage points higher than last year; a total profit of 21.2 billion yuan, an increase of 52 percent, 23.7 percentage points increase over the previous year; sales profit 7.9 %, 1.8 percentage point increase over the previous year; main business revenue per hundred dollars of costs 85.7 yuan, down 1.2 yuan more than last year; finished goods inventory turnover days for 12 days, 1.3 days lower than the industry.

5 2014 economic growth of China's IC industry
(Vi) benign adjustment of industrial structure

2014, China's IC design industry revenue growth of 19% growth rate the previous year, the proportion of total industry continued to improve, the rapid growth of key enterprises, such as Spreadtrum revenues of $ 1.2 billion, up 20%, completed in 2014 Di Rayco after consolidation, the total revenue reached $ 1.5 billion; wafer manufacturing growth rate lower than the design industry, but the key enterprises orders, profitability and further enhance profitability as SMIC in 2013 this year, 10 consecutive months to achieve profitability; packaging and testing industry has achieved double-digit growth of key enterprises such as Tianshui, days and Nantong Fujitsu first three quarters of revenue growth reached 38% and 18%.

(Vii) development features prominent gathering

A high degree of aggregation of the integrated circuit industry, mainly concentrated in four areas: First, Beijing, Tianjin and the Bohai Rim, the region in 2014 IC sales value increased 6.2%, accounting for 8.4%; the second is Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta region, an increase of 11.4 percent, accounting for 37.7% ,; Third, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region, an increase of 5.4%, accounting for 29.4%; fourth part of the western provinces, such as Sichuan sales volume fell 7.6% But 476 percent increase in Shaanxi Province, Gansu increased by 14%, growth momentum is very prominent.

(Viii) technology continues to breakthroughs

SMIC cooperation with Qualcomm 28nm Snapdragon processor successful production, marking another important step in its 28-nanometer process technology mature path, while early development 20 and 14 nm process is also actively promoting; Spreadtrum published the A7 quad-core chip architecture 8735S, marking China's mobile chip design into the high-end market; domestic first intelligent TV SoC chip successfully developed and mass production, changing the situation of lack of core smart TV.
Second, the noteworthy issues

(A) inventories increased significantly

2014, due to the integrated circuit industry overall sales situation is better, higher capacity utilization, production can be fully released, and therefore the overall IC industry growth rate of finished products increased rapidly, one to four-quarter cumulative growth of finished goods were up 12.2 percent, 15.4%, 21.1% and 22.7%, significantly higher than the 6.4 percentage points by the end of last year; inventories accumulated growth was 5.9 percent, 8.6 percent, 20.6 percent and 15.5 percent, 10.1 percentage points higher than the end of last year. These two indicators rapid growth, on the one hand reflects the high degree of industry boom, it also indicates that inventories rose too fast, easy to make the industry grow fluctuate.

(Ii) products are more concentrated in the low-end

2014, China's IC production growth of 12.4%, but sales value increased by only 8.7 percent, 3.7 percentage points lower than the production growth; exports increased by 7.6%, but exports are down 30.6%, this increment is not synergistic phenomenon It is reflected in our integrated products focused on low-end, the reality of declining prices.

(Iii) achieve greater growth leap difficulty

China's IC industry continue to achieve new breakthroughs and progress, but the gap with the world's most advanced integrated circuit enterprises still must face reality. Compared with the international leading enterprises, China's advanced chip manufacturing technology in terms of distance difference of at least 1-2 generations, IC design industry has just started, and the product of a single, local packaging companies packaging and testing technology and international manufacturers are still some gaps. More critical is fragmented industry chain, can not be formed on the lower reaches of coordination of industrial structure, and the domestic machine industry has failed to form a benign interaction, the domestic IC industry output value in 2014, compared to just 34.7 percent, the high-end chip heavily dependent on imports. International giants in recent years to ensure that leading-edge technology, R & D investment continues to rise, according to statistics in 2013 Intel R & D costs Qualcomm, TSMC, TI and Hynix Semiconductor five enterprises reached 15.9 percent, close to the maximum value over the past five years, while China Local companies such as SMIC, although R & D investment has grown rapidly in recent years, but still accounts for the proportion of sales revenue to 10%, the amount spent on an order of magnitude than the difference with TSMC. Experience shows that the integrated circuit industry development, lack of investment and R & D could enable local enterprises to compete in a tough situation in the gap with international companies to further widening.
Third, 2015 Prospect

(A) the international situation

International Agency expects global semiconductor market will continue to grow steadily. World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) expects the global semiconductor market in 2014 than the previous year increased by 9.0% in 2015 growth rate of 3.4%, continue to maintain steady growth. International and Association (SEMI) Semiconductor Equipment and Materials forecast, 2014 global semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales rose 19.3% in 2015 is expected to grow by 15.2%.

Intelligent terminal will continue to support the rapid development of integrated circuit industry. Mobile in 2013 has been replaced by PC leapt's largest chip applications, smart phones, tablet computers have become and continues to be to promote the development of the main power IC market. The relevant agency expects 2014 global smart phone shipments reached 1.3 billion, an increase of 26% in 2015 will continue to grow by 12%, total more than 1.4 billion; 2015 global tablet PC shipments will exceed PC.

Networking and other areas will promote the prosperity of the integrated circuit industry. Things and wearable devices is on the rise, many organizations judgment, in the near future, networked devices will no longer be limited to smart phones, computers, etc., will cover a number of areas smart home, transportation and logistics, environmental protection and other things will be the next world to promote the rapid development of "significant productivity", following the communication network to another one trillion market. In 2014, many companies, including chip, systems and software companies have already started to things in the field forward, numerous acquisitions occurred during the year, both with things and wearable device related, such as Google acquisition of smart home, Samsung received shopping network company Intel acquisition of Smart Watch Company.

(B) the domestic situation

Information security situation highlights the importance of domestic IC industry development. 2014, since the information security situation is grim, the National Information Security Strategy risen to an unprecedented height. Outbreak "Prism" incident, so Qualcomm and Intel chip companies such as permeability governments, schools, hospitals, aviation, transportation and other aspects of the system is concerned, the integrated circuit to enhance the localization rate is imminent. During this year's "two sessions", the integrated circuit industry was first included in the government work report, the State Department leadership intensive research integrated circuit industry, the National Development and Reform Commission antitrust investigation conducted Qualcomm. As the basis for national information security and electronic information industry, integrated circuit industry has been rising concern.

National and local support policies will be introduced intensive. 2014, "National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Platform to promote" the introduction of China's IC industry in the critical period of development of the current "Outline" the coming period as the Programme of Action to guide development of China's integrated circuit industry, China's IC industry will leap development inject new powerful driving force. "Outline introduction", the concern of national IC industry investment funds began to fall, the first scale upgrade from the original 100 billion yuan to 120 billion yuan, will greatly enhance the expectations of market participants, the capital's attention on IC industry We will continue to rise. Meanwhile, around the local version of integrated circuits have also introduced policies. Currently, Beijing, Anhui, Tianjin and other places have been introduced to support the views of the integrated circuit, through the establishment of investment funds, focus on supporting local enterprises in the field of integrated circuits integrate bigger. Among them, Anhui province in 2017 proposed integrated output value of 300 billion yuan, in 2020 the total output value reached 600 billion yuan to support the establishment of the city of Hefei, the IC industry development fund.

4G smart phones, the rapid development of the networking industry and bank card "for the core tide", will provide more integrated enterprise market space. From 3G mobile communications era China began to enter the 4G era, in 2014 the total number of mobile phone users reached 1.28 billion, of which more than 80 million users 4G, 4G terminal popularity faster than expected next year, especially in the low end of the domestic mobile phone competition will be fierce 4G In the case of mobile phone chips in short supply, local IC companies will share part of the market from space; the rapid development of the networking industry, demand in the smart city, intelligent transportation, industrial control and other aspects of continuous improvement, according to the China Internet of Things Development Center Report, 2015 China Internet of Things market will reach 750 billion yuan, bringing the development of networking technology for a variety of sensors and low power consumption, small size wafer demand rising fast, eight-inch wafer production capacity is key; according to central bank regulations, from 2015, China will gradually suspended magnetic stripe bank cards, to financial IC card replacement, currently the country has started to carry out the "magnetic stripe cards for the core", and the industry is expected to launch the next few years, China's annual new financial IC card number up to several one billion.

In addition to a variety of favorable factors, the development of China's IC industry still many uncertainties. Driver IC market has shifted from the PC smart phones, tablet PCs, but China's smart phone growth fell as well as many mobile products growth spurt has passed, and the price competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it is a gradual evolution in the direction of the low-margin, plus there are many key technology is not yet fully overcome, there are not enough control operating costs, much high-end talent, lack of confidence in the domestic chip market issues such as enterprises, so that the next round of growth in integrated circuits add a lot of uncertainty.

In summary, in 2015 despite domestic and international economic situation, uncertainty and there are still many difficulties, China's IC industry will be facing a rare development opportunity, is expected to achieve rapid growth in double-digit growth.