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Company Culture

ABOUT - Company Culture
     The company pursues: specific quality, the first field
     "Professional to create value" is to follow the pursuit of Senndai, Senndai is leading the development of a powerful spiritual force, is the starting point to create a professional, is the achievement of high-value basis. Powerful "single-minded" concept ensure the best products from the most professional company, the most brilliant performance by the most professional staff. In this specific field in practice unable to catch up to the height.
      Confucius said: "people without a letter, I wonder, could it, cart without Yi, no car Yue, the reasons why the Holy One thousand generation depending on the integrity of life, are slightly offset will be self defeating, must moment made, the customer is God, is our survival, customer is the day must be sincere service must be to create value for customers, must be enshrined in awe
     Senndai unswerving pursuit of the mission, unwavering pursuit of value, our job: to refuse beyond the capacity, quality and no excuses. Senndai uphold the "integrity for the day, quality eternal" the core concept, to provide customers with high-quality conductive carbon paste products to boost business responsibility towards excellence.

     Senndai Pursuit - specific quality first field

     Senndai spirit - perseverance eternal quality

     Senndai vision - to lead the industry undertakings share